Galway Open April 14th

The Galway Open – Saturday 14th April…..What a day for our judoka .
All performing to a high standard. We are so proud of them all.
Results are as follows:
Richard Murphy senior u73kg                                        Gold
Shane Bane Middle kyu                                                    Gold
Joe Guillot u40kg pre cadet                                             Gold
Caoimhe Murphy u44kg pre cadet                                 Gold
Sylvia Bandora u44kg minors                                         Gold
Eireann Murphy u32kg minors                                      Gold
Alicja Bandora u32kg minors                                          Silver
JJ Manjoni u25kg minors                                                Silver
Luke Murphy u31kg minors                                            Silver
Malachy Kinsella u38kg minors                                     Silver
Oisin Davis u60kg                                                             Bronze
Hannah Melville Minors u30kg                                     Bronze
Sadhbh Murphy minors u30kg                                          5th
Eathan Gavard minors u34kg                                            5th
There are no words strong enough to type in here to how proud we are of all our judoka . They are all respectful and mannerly. They are a credit to their coaches and parents.

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